Age of innocence

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Age of innocence

Description: You will follow the adventures of Cassandra (the ability to change the name). Unable to go on vacation, as every year, due to the financial problems of her parents, she goes on summer vacation to the house of her uncle, whom she has not seen since she was little. During the two-month vacation, she will have to reunite with her uncle, make new friends and adjust to the new city. She will face various situations and it is up to you to decide whether she will resist the temptation or not.

Year of release: 2021
Genre: Female protagonist, Mobile game, Animated, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Handjob , Masturbation , Voyeurism
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: VN Games
Platform: PC/Windows, Mac, Android
Version: 1.0
Tablet: Not required
Game Language: English
Size: 1.52 GB

System requirements (minimum):
OS: Win 10 x64 / CPU: i5 / RAM: 8GB / RAM: 2GB / HDD: 1.52 GB


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