Harem Hunter: Sex-ray Vision

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Harem Hunter: Sex-ray Vision

Description: If you've ever worried about being reincarnated in a fantasy world without any special abilities, don't worry! You can spend your time grinding your stats OR drinking a single potion to raise yourself to the OP level! * Luca accepts no responsibility for any unseen side effects, which may include: loss of life, limbs, senses, or gaining a unique ability that allows you to see someone's kinks, fetishes, or sensitive spots ...Wait, what?! That's right, after drinking a potion brewed by the mini-magician Luka, our main character gains the ability: Sex-Ray vision! Using this skill, he tracks down the hottest adventurers and successfully seduces them, adding them to his harem! Take your lusty harem on all sorts of missions, from catching bandits to rescuing princesses. Just remember that you can spend more time trying to make a baby, rather than actually struggling!

Year of production: 2021
Release date: 2021-01-16
Genre: 2dcg, adventure, anal sex, bdsm, big ass, big tits, censored, , fantasy, groping, group sex, harem, japanese game, male protagonist, monster girl, multiple penetration, oral sex, pregnancy, tentacles, vaginal sex, voiced
Censorship: Yes
Developer/Publisher: Miel
Platform: PC/Windows
Tablet: Not required
Version: Final
Game Language: English
Voice acting: Japanese
Size: 1.49 Gb

System requirements (minimum):
OS: Windows x64 / CPU: i3 / RAM: 4GB / VRAM: 1GB / HDD: 1.49 GB


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