Galactic Limit

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Galactic Limit

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3D Art

Description: galactic limit-commander Valeria. Your mission is this... Release the prisoner in section 5 by any means necessary. There was nothing about the prisoner in the task... Valeria had never met an intelligent species of APE before, and it was said that no female could stand against the males of this species, and this was it... Despite the warnings of the captive and the huge size of the member, Valeria could not resist the desire, and gave herself up to the abyss of passion that engulfed her. The commander forgot about the mission, feeling only an endless orgasm, the girl fucked herself with this huge member until she lost consciousness. Guard Nova took advantage of this. She decided to continue the ecstasy of the troublemaker until she gives up the Ghost in this endless agony of orgasms, and only the foresight of the command that sent the agent Helga to safety, saves Valeria from the failure of the mission.

pages: 1920 x 1080:3840x2160
Genre: 3DCG, Ahegao, Creampie, Cumshot, Expansion, Huge Cock, Monster, Sci-Fi


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